About room4LIFE

Creating real help from empty space.

room4LIFE promotes the sale of otherwise vacant hotel rooms and converts the income into support for people in crisis by providing the basics they require to live.

Room4LIFE helps attract new and existing customers to choose otherwise vacant rooms rather than a competitor’s space who is working for profit only.

At times of lower occupancy hotels make vacant rooms available as a room4LIFE

Guests are attracted to renting these rooms over other options as they understand they are supporting people in real and urgent need. 

Guests feel good and sleep well.

Our partners benefit from this shared feel good factor with their guests who are paying for their otherwise vacant room. This generates loyalty and supports their brand with a valuable socially supportive image.

Each rental promotes the partner and the room4LIFE concept.

Our charities benefit from supporting more people just like us in their hour of need. 

We have created a room4LIFE fund to be distributed to existing charities supporting homeless families and refugees in crisis.

Partners offer rooms at standard rates at dates that suit their occupancy schedules. These rooms become room4LIFE offerings.

Guests book these rooms attracted by the room4LIFE concept. They know that MOST of the money they pay for their room goes to the room4LIFE fund.

The hotel donates at least 60% of the paid room rate to the room4LIFE fund.

Partners cover costs and donate MOST of their income from every room4LIFE booking. 

How do I get involved? 

Right now you can help by introducing us to partner hotels and charities who would like to be part of room4LIFE.

After we’ve launched:

If you are going away for business or pleasure, book a room4LIFE secure in the knowledge that most of your booking will be going towards providing basic necessities to people in need.

Next time you go away for business or pleasure book a room4LIFE. You will get the same quality accommodation, secure in the knowledge that most of your money is helping people in desperate need.

Make a difference without compromising on safety or quality.

Book a room4LIFE